In the context of Adamas vision and mission, Quality Assurance at Adamas University provides a framework within which its institutions can examine and enhance in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, to ensure that they achieve this aspiration of excellence.  The University recognizes that Quality Assurance is a shared responsibility of the entire University community.

Quality Assurance has the mandate to develop and implement various guidelines and internal academic audit systems in addition to external assessment and accreditations for continuous quality assurance and enhancement of the University.The University has also established the Internal Quality Assurance Committee which will consider recommendations from different stakeholders for matters relating to the mandate of the Quality Assurance. The quality assurance department works with the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, and the Deans to firm up on strengthening Adamas culture and reward our staff & students. It works with the charting the roles and responsibilities via an organization chart and a committee’s structure.

The quality assurance promises Adamas University continuous enhancement in terms of the quality of all the work in the University. It helps in abiding by the regulations laid by West Bengal Privates Universities Act, 2006 (as amended 2012). These legislative requirements and that of the University Grants Commission, Bar Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India and other regulatory bodies translate into the University’s Vision/Mission, which underpin all of the activities and tasks of the University relating to teaching, learning and assessment, research and scholarship and service to the community.

The University’s procedures for assuring quality in teaching, learning and assessment are designed to reflect:

  • the mission of the University
  • the vision of the University
  • the development and implementation of systems to ensure a rich learning experience for students and an environment for the academic and administrative staff that is supportive and participative rather than directive and managerial.
  • the delegated responsibility given to faculties and departments for their own quality assurance procedures
  • the promotion of collegiality, team work, pluralism and diversity
  • the enhancement of the ambience
  • transparency and accountability to all stakeholders

Adamas University has continuously strived for the quality not only for its students but also overall and this can be verified with various accolades and awards received by the University in tenure of just five years for example ELEAD (E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitization) certification by QS I∙GAUGE, “Emerging University of India” in 17th World Education Summit & Awards 2020& many more.